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The big collaborative list of Github search operators

As I was writing my latest post, Behavioural sourcing on Github, I tried finding a list of some with ALL Github search operators. The closest I could come was a sheet that the lovely Susanna had created. It was good, but it didn’t not list every single operators possible. As I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for I decided to start creating a list myself.

The result is a Google Sheet listing all the operators I could find together with examples of how to use them.

The idea is not for me to keep this list to myself, but for all of us to share. I mean, I didn’t call it “the big COLLABORATIVE list” for nothing. However, in order to keep things neat and tidy (Control freak? Who? Me?) I have opened it up for comments. I will then go in and make the amendments you suggest.

Have a noesy and let me know what you think!



Sofia Broberger

Sofia Broberger

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