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It’s not uncommon to stick with the familiar, especially if it’s been working well for you. But do you ever wonder if there might be a better way?

I often find myself thinking just that, “there must be a better way”. I would love to help you explore it too. That’s why I’m offering coaching on an hourly basis.

Perhaps you are the sole recruiter at your company and need someone to bounce some ideas with.
Maybe you are stuck on sourcing for a particular role and want some help coming up with a new approach.
That Hiring Manager is being akward again and you want to see what you can do.

As long as it’s related to sourcing, recruitment and/or employer branding I’m sure I can help you out. Let’s explore new possibilities together — sign up now!

Recrutiment Coaching with Sofia - work smarter, not harder

Once you have filled out the form I will reach out to you to set up a time for our coaching. 

Pricing starts from 1500 SEK + VAT per hour.

Please get in touch to discuss pricing if you want to buy hours in bulk.

15 days payment terms.

Some of my clients