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I’m a fullstack recruiter, i.e I do everything from sourcing to interviews and manage the process. I can take on short term projects, where you might need help due to a peak in the amount of people you need to hire, as well as long term projects.

I really enjoy assigments where I can help build up the in-house recruitment function, specifically within in the tech area.

Sample recruitment projects

  • Creating a career site
  • Help with chosing and setting up an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Creating templates (interview, candidate profile etc)
  • Job advertising
  • Anything else you might need help with



Sample sourcing projects

  • Setting up an inhouse sourcing function
  • Build a talent pipeline
  • Extra souring help in peak times

My area of expertise is sourcing. I’m available to help your company build up a sourcing function. Perhaps you are  experinencing a peak in your recruitment and need some extra help. Or you might currently be using external sourcing partners but have realised it is not cost effective and would like to have the function in house instead.



I’m available to talk at events about sourcing, recruitment and/or employer branding.
In June I did a short presentation about alumni-interviews at an Employer Branding event.



I offer tailor-made, onsite workshops in sourcing. Perhaps you and/or your sourcing team need to brush up on their boolean skills or the latest sourcing tools and how to use them.

I will put together a workshop based on your needs, current skills and line of business (be it IT, pharmacy, sales or anything else).

Please contact me for pricing.

Sample workshop topics

  • Boolean search
  • Using Linkedin
  • Sourcing outside of LinkedIn
  • Sourcing tools
  • Or any other topic

Upcoming Events


7th of February 2019- Stockholm

Rekrytering 3.0

21st of February 2019 – Stockholm


3-4th of April 2019 – Münich

Sourcing Summit Deutshland

22nd of May 2019 – Amsterdam



Past Events


20th of September 2018 – Amsterdam

Talent Aquistion Live

19th of June 2018 – Stockholm

Creative Employer Branding Solutions

April 2018 – Stockholm

HR bloggen – Rekrytering 3.0

Mars 2018 – Stockholm

Rekryteringsnätverket – Rekrytering av svåra profiler

September 2017 – Stockholm

HR bloggen – Rekrytering 3.0